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Simon finally gets real about Idol’s Bikini Girl


Simon Cowell finally saw the light. America’s next Idol is NOT to be Bikini Girl Katrina Darell.ai8_hw-week_08332

But did she have to take hippy blonde Rose Flack down with her? And why did it take so long for Cowell (and the “American Idol” producers) to give Bikini Girl her marching orders?

After a lot of whining and even more camera time, 20 year-old model Katrina Darrell, was booted from the show after getting through the first two rounds despite competition from more talented singers.  Bikini girl’s early bedtime and morning stay-in-bed tactics to avoid rehearsals sabotaged her chances of advancing. Her antics also spelled the end for fellow group member Rose’s chances of moving forward.

Simon doesn’t usually suffer fools gladly, so one can only assume that “Idol” producers thought it would boost (male?) viewer interest by keeping Katrina around for a while longer – even if she had swapped her bikini for a dress.  The same might be said of highly strung, maniacal giggler Tatiana Del Toro, who somehow got saved, while David Osmond got kicked off.