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What would Madonna do (WWMD) on “Glee”?



Tuesday night’s much-hyped homage to “the most powerful woman ever to walk the face of the earth” on Fox’s breakout hit show, Glee, was all about asking, “What would Madonna do?”

(Acerbic cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester’s response: “Well, the answer to that question would normally be: date a younger man.”)

The episode highlighted nearly three decades of the Material Girl’s music, looks and influence on pop culture and was filled with the show’s traditional one-line zingers. Actor Corey Monteith (Finn Hudson) tweeted that the rumor was that Madonna herself watched the episode with creator, Ryan Murphy.


The theme was all about empowerment and what better role model than Madonna for everything from women’s equality (a slick “Express Yourself” number by the girls) to self-image (a frame-by-frame Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) tribute to the 1990 video “Vogue”).