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Moody director? I would be!


moodyssonSwedish director Lukas Moodysson might not be the happiest of filmmakers at the moment. It’s hardly surprising, given that his latest movie “Mammoth“, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, was roundly booed by reporters and critics after a press screening at the Berlin film festival.

Critics have panned the examination of globalisation and economic migrants. The film’s average mark in Screen International’s informal poll of reviews is 0.9 out of four, or below a poor rating. Five out of eight critics deemed it plain “bad”.

It must be a crushing blow for someone who has invested so much time and effort in a project, only to have it dismissed with a few strokes of the critics’ pen.

Still, it could be worse. Sally Potter’s ultra-minimalist fashion send-up “Rage” scored even lower in the poll, notching just 0.8 on average. Not even the sight of Jude Law in drag was enough to stop dozens of audience members walking out of its press screening. At least Potter won’t be too badly out of pocket. The sally-pottermovie cost less than $1 million to make.