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Could Bristol Palin win “Dancing with the Stars”?


After more twists than an Argentine tango, “Dancing with the Stars” reaches it climax this week with Bristol Palin on course to pull off what could be a stunning win in the grand finale of the ballroom dancing TV show.bristolp

Although “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey is considered the best dancer of the final three celebrities,  fans of Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter have made clear through their votes over the past six weeks that the show, like “American Idol”, is as much about popularity as sheer talent.

Which is why Bristol, the 20 year-old single mom from Alaska,  has a real shot at taking the coveted mirror ball trophy back to Wasilla, Alaska  on Tuesday, and becoming the most controversial winner of the U.S. TV contest in its five-year history.

And here’s why:  passionate fans make zealous  voters and e-mailers in contests where the outcome is ultimately in the hands of the public. Just look at Justin Bieber’s take-over of the American Music Awards on Sunday in a contest that was also determined by fan votes.justinb

Oscar beckons Sarah Palin … for shopping.


Palin(Reporting by Zorianna Kit)

What a difference a year makes! Last year, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was catching flak for her shopping habits during her 2008 campaign. This year, she’s strolling around Hollywood’s Oscar gift suites with family members having items given to her — leopard print sandals to match her leopard print jacket, for instance.

The morning after her appearance on “The Tonight Show”, and amid reports she was in Hollywood talking to TV executives about a possible TV show (see below and here on the blog), the former Alaska Governor turned up at the Silver Spoon gifting suite in West Hollywood with daughter Willow, grandson Trip and an entourage of about seven people, according to the suite’s organizers.

William Shatner gives Sarah Palin a poetic sendoff


shatnerWilliam Shatner has produced another spoken word gem, this time a poetic reading of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech as governor of Alaska. Shatner was on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” on NBC on Monday night, and he sat down on a stool with a conga drummer and a bass player in the background, injecting dramatic flair into a paragraph from Palin’s speech, which included the words: “It is as throughout all Alaska that big wild good life teeming along the road that is north to the future.” (Video below)

NBC scored big when “Saturday Night Live” veteran Tina Fey lampooned Palin last year during the presidential campaign, and the network stands to get a lot more clicks on its Web outlet with this latest comedy piece. Now that Palin has quit as governor of Alaska, maybe she can work on her Shatner impression. It’s not that hard to do.

After Iraq broadcasts, can Stephen Colbert declare “Mission Accomplished”?


(Writing and reporting by Laura Isensee)

colbertiraqTwo presidents, a major general and a shaved head all played a part this week in comedian Stephen Colbert’s declared mission to bring attention to the 6 year-old war in Iraq and the troops still fighting abroad.

On Thursday, Colbert broadcast from Iraq the last of four episodes he starred in this week from the battle-torn country. On Thursday’s edition of “The Colbert Report,” a program which spoofs U.S. politics and culture on cable channel Comedy Central, the show featured a special shout-out to the troops by former President George W. Bush. It was one of several guest video spots that included politicians from right and left, from Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to President Barack Obama.

UPDATE-Confused David Letterman backs down over Palin daughter jokes


Talk show host David Letterman says he was “guilty of poor taste” after causing a stir with some sexually suggestive jokes about one of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s teenage daughters, admitting he confused 18-year-old intended target Bristol Palin with her 14-year-old sister, Willow. The comedian’s 7-minute-plus discussion of the controversy during his Wednesday show can be seen on the video link below:




Todd Palin, the governor’s husband, has accused Letterman of making a joke about someone “raping” his younger daughter. Neither girl was directly named in the original joke, which also namechecked New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

Eminem’s wish comes true as Lindsay Lohan, galpal split


eminem2Lindsay Lohan’s breakup with celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson is good news for Eminem, who eloquently expresses his passion for the actress in his new video. 
The reclusive rapper took a swipe at the couple in “We Made You,” which was released on Tuesday, days after the women broke up.
In one scene, Eminem is driving a big rig while Lohan and Ronson lookalikes are making out next to him.
“He does not mean to lesbian offend, but Lindsay please come back to seeing men,” Eminem intones in his rapid clipped style. “Samantha’s a two, you’re practically a 10. I know you want me, girl. In fact I see you grin.”
Declaring that he’s “looking for more women to torture,” Eminem also claims he would be a better lover for actress Portia de Rossi than her wife Ellen DeGeneres. He also fantasizes about Sarah Palin, while a scantily clad lookalike of the former vice-presidential candidate poses seductively on her desk. 
Other targets of Eminem’s rapier wit include tabloid starlet Kim Kardashian, and singers Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Amy Winehouse.
“You think that’s bad. You should hear the rest of my album. Never has there been such finesse and nostalgia,” he promises in the video.
That album, “Relapse,” the follow-up to his 2004 release “Encore” is due in stores on May 19.

Tina Fey hangs up her Palin wig


 It’s official!

Comedian Tina Fey has gotten her wish and will no longer play Alaska governor Sarah Palin on the comedy sketch show “Saturday Night Live” after the Republican contender for vice president lost out in Tuesday’s U.S. elections. 
Fey’s dead-on impersonations of Palin drew record ratings for “Saturday Night LIve” and became almost as talked about nationally as the maverick politician and hockey mom herself.

But Fey, who stars in the NBC show “30 Rock,” told the magazine Entertainment Weekly that she has no plans to play Palin again.  
“I have to retire just because I have to do my day job,” Fey told the magazine. 
Fey, 38, went the extra mile by suggesting a replacement if “Saturday Night Live” needs someone to play Palin again, suggesting that ”SNL” cast member Kristen Wiig should carry the torch from now on. 
“Maybe we could get a real torch,” Fey told Entertainment Weekly. “Or I could give Wiig the Palin wig.”
Before the election, Fey made clear she was hoping not to have to play Palin after November 4, saying she planned on “leaving Earth” if  the Republican was elected. 
(Writing by Alex Dobuzinskis)

Paris Hilton, “Your Commander-in-Bikini”!


So much has been made about the looks of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin that it’s a wonder nobody’s paid attention to that other, third-party presidential candidate – Paris Hilton.

That’s right, election watchers may forget that this past summer Paris declared herself a candidate for President in a video posted on comedy Web site, Well, Paris hasn’t forgotten and to reinvigorate her campaign, she is releasing a new video at on Sunday, Oct. 26.

Election politics: The ultimate reality TV


(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

In one more sign that the current presidential election campaign has drawn increased interest among pop culture watchers, Entertainment Weekly magazine released a survey on Thursday showing respondents, ages 18-24, estimated spending one-third of their TV time watching election coverage.

Of those surveyed, 1-in-5 Americans is watching more election coverage because they are dissatisfied with reality TV.

“W.” cast and crew get personal about politics


 The makers of the upcoming “W.” biopic about President George Bush say they put olly-stone.jpgpersonal politics aside for the Oliver Stone-directed movie — and so far the early reviews seem to agree.  

 But that didn’t stop the cast and crew sounding off in a Beverly Hills press event this week about their personal feelings towards the U.S. president and his administration.