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Heigl vs. Apatow at box offices, amid snipes


If their comments on Thursday to radio host Howard Stern are any indication, it looks like writer/director/producer Judd Apatow  and his protege Seth Rogen  are still sore over a comment Katherine Heigl  made about their 2007 movie “Knocked Up .” Heigl has said the movie, which she starred-in opposite Rogen, was a “little sexist” because it made women look like “shrews” and men seem “lovajudd-apatowble.”

The comment has generated controversy ever since she made it in 2007, with some praising Heigl for taking a feminist stand, and others accusing her of being ungrateful.

On Friday, Apatow’s film “Funny People ,” which stars Adam Sandler and Rogen, opens at theaters and will compete with Heigl’s star vehicle “The Ugly Truth,” which was No. 3 at the U.S. and Canada box offices last weekend with a $27.6 million debut.

On Howard Stern’s show on SIRIUS XM Radio, Apatow and Rogen took some jibes at Heigl and “The Ugly Truth,” which is about a career woman (Heigl) who relies on a boorish man (Gerard Butler) for dating advice, as the two become more than just friends.

Oops! Studio publishes filmmaker Judd Apatow’s home address


Psst! Want to know where Judd Apatow hangs his hat when he’s not on the lot churning out pictures like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up”? Universal Pictures accidentally included his home address in widely distributed press materials produced for his latest movie, “Funny People,” which opens on July 31.

His wife, “Funny People” co-star Leslie Mann, was outraged when told of the snafu at a press gathering for the film on Sunday, saying: “That’s really not cool at all.” Apatow started to answer a reporter’s question on the subject, but was interrupted by a studio publicist.