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Adrian Grenier: celebrity stalker


Adrian Grenier would know better than most — Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and a few others excepted, of course — about what it’s like to be stalked by aggressive photographers and celebrity hounds. On “Entourage”, he plays actor Vincent Chase, who faces flashbulbs and autograph seekers at every turn. As the show has gained popularity, life has begun to imitate art for Grenier, who is  now a celebrity in his own right and faces the same attention that Vince deals with.

In his new documentary “Teenage Paparazzo,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Grenier turns the tables on the paparazzi, following the picture takers with a camera and focusing on 13-year-old snapper Austin Visschedyk. (Read about it here.) But Grenier also succeeded in turning the tables on himself, as he tried to chase down celebrities to get their takes on the paparazzi.  Stars  including Lindsay Lohan, Matt Damon and Hilton herself weigh-in on their own experiences. Still, Grenier said, he had to work hard to get the access to the stars,  despite his own Hollywood credentials.

“I’d go to a party specifically so I could meet a celebrity so I could get an interview, and they’d be elusive or hard to reach,” he said told Reuters at Sundance. “It became very frustrating. I found myself at parties stalking celebrities.” In the video above, he talks in greater depth about his experiences.