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Are injuries ruining “So You Think You Can Dance” ?


Another day, another dancer injured on “So You Think You Can Dance”.billybell

Billy Bell sat out this week’s competition rounds on the TV dance show with a hurt knee, joining ballet dancer Alex Wong and contemporary dancer Ashley Galvan on the growing list of contestants brought down by injury in rehearsal.

It’s the biggest injury toll in the show’s five-year history. So what’s going on? Even executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe isn’t sure. But at least he is honest.

“There is something going wrong this  season. I don’t know what it is but we’re going to bring people in to help us do warm-ups, or something,” Lythgoe said, adding that next season the show could mount a “Survivor” style dance-off featuring the injured early leavers.nigellythgoe

A third consecutive injured dancer suggests the problem has gone beyond a joke. Not only have injuries removed arguably the most scintillating competitor  — Miami ballet dancer Alex — from the show and the public, they have sidelined contestants and forced the remaining dancers to switch partners at the last minute or dance alone.

Mia Michaels gets claws out on “So You Think You Can Dance”


Ballet dancer Alex Wong’s surprising hip-hop routine with all-star  tWitch may have brought the house down onmia michaels Wednesday’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”,  but it was judge Mia Michaels’  sharp tongue that had fans talking the day after.

Michaels, the outspoken Emmy-winning choreographer on the panel, gave tap dancer Melinda Sullivan a dressing down that included cutting remarks over her pigeon toes and  lack of fluidity in her salsa routine. But the lowest blow came when Michaels told the 22-year old tapper that the panel should have sent her home last week.

SYTYCD, Dance Crew judge charged with child molestation


mmab6738Choreographer and reality-TV judge Shane Sparks was arrested Friday morning and charged with several counts of child molestation, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The 40-year-old Sparks is being held on $590,000 bail.

The complaint, filed by the L.A. County District Attorney’s office, charges Sparks with 8 incidents of child molestation and identifies the victim as a girl who was younger than 14 years old when the incidents began. The abuse is alleged to have continued until 1997.

Shirts optional for Top 6 on SYTYCD


RyanKathrynSamba091213-0112The shirts came off as the top 6 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance performed for votes for the last time before Wednesday’s finale.

Ryan Di Lello led the topless trend, showing up in two of three numbers without a shirt. He tossed on a flimsy top for his third number, but left it open, prompting judge Nigel Lythgoe to say, “I’m pleased you found a shirt, you just need to find the buttons.”

Leaving a Legacy on So You Think You Can Dance


Wonderperform_MG_5601You can feel things coming to a close on So You Think You Can Dance, as season 6 heads into it’s finale next Tuesday.

On Wednesday’s results show there were a couple of odd moments worth noting before getting down to who made it through: A shout out to DJ Samantha Ronson (perhaps best known for her relationship with Lindsay Lohan) for her remix work this week and a performance by the popular South Korean girl group the Wonder Girls (do they sing any other songs aside from “Nobody”?). After last week’s showstopping performance by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the filler on Wednesday did not seem to generate quite as much enthusiasm — though the tension of the second last week of competition perhaps kept things more subdued.

Injuries won’t stop krumping Santa on SYTYCD


RussellpartnerBolllywood_MG_5316It was crunch time for the competitors of So You Think You Can Dance as they vie for the final six spots in next week’s finale. Dancers had three chances to win audiences over — twice in choreographed routines with partners and once in a solo.

In spite of — or was it because of? — the pressure, there were more injuries this week in an already injury-plagued season. First, Napoleon and Tabitha tweeted about Ellenore Scott tearing her rotator cuff and posted a picture of her arm in a sling.

“Black Wednesday” on SYTYCD sends Nathan & Noelle home

nathankathrynrumba091130-0915The judges on So You Think You Can Dance seemed happy to finally relinquish control to viewers in this week’s top 10, with those same viewers voting to send contemporary dancers Nathan Trasoras and Noelle Marsh packing.

With a strong and diverse crop of male dancers — a ballroom dancer, a krumper, a b-boy and two contemporary dancers — vying for the crown, Nathan’s ouster was not a big surprise despite some good performances, particularly after a rough couple of weeks languishing in the bottom.

“You are against tough guys and in a competition that people are voting for who they love — it’s not just about dancing. You’re on a brilliant road at the moment,” said judge Nigel Lythgoe.

Quickstep proves to be a dream on SYTYCD


top10_mg_1044_fIt may be the first time ever that the dreaded quickstep has proven to be dreamy, with Ellenore Scott and Jakob Carr being crowned the new “Dream Team” on Tuesday’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Previously paired with the respective halves of husband and wife duo Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello, both Ellenore and Jakob did well with their old partners, but proved to be magical with each other.

Has the star factor dimmed for Nathan on SYTYCD?


eliminated_mg_0976_fIt wasn’t a surprise that Victor Smalley and Karen Hauer were picked to leave the competition Wednesday on So You Think You Can Dance, but the big surprise was who judge Nigel Lythgoe wanted to see packing up his bags.

While Nigel praised Victor’s strong solo and growth, he did not mince words with Nathan Trasoras. For a moment even, it almost seemed like Nigel was leading up to sending Nathan home. He concluded his critique by pointedly telling Nathan if it were up to him, this would be the end of the road for the young dancer. He then turned to Victor and announced he was going home.

SYTYCD shake-up to hurt some, help others


jakobaashleighlyrjazz_mg_5722They came, they danced and the judges were almost too positive, especially since two more dancers will be sent packing from So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow, leaving only the all important Top 10, who are expected to go on tour in 2010.

For the dancers who remain after Wednesday night’s elimination, next week will bring new styles and a new partner. So who will the shake-up help and who will it hurt?