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Hip-hop and contemporary miss out on So You Think You Can Dance


karenkevinbroadway091116_0334Wednesday’s So You Think You Can Dance results show opened with a trademark Wade and Amanda Robson group number that drew an enthusiastic response from the judges and audience alike, but it wasn’t long before everyone got down to unpleasant business. There were some small surprises and the judges were unanimous in their decisions.

Karen Hauer and Kevin Hunte‘s Broadway routine disappointed judges on Tuesday and was the only dark spot of the evening, so it was no surprise the pair found themselves dancing for their lives.

Victor Smalley and Channing Cooke executed a strong Tyce Diorio jazz number, but viewers may have agreed with judge Adam Shankman who found the Bobby McFerrin song choice detracted him from connecting with the performance.

molleenathanpopjazz091116_0807Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras were back in the game after last week’s disastrous salsa, so it came as a surprise their pop-jazz dance put them among the bottom three couples. Judge Nigel Lythgoe, who called on Nathan to live up to his potential as “one of the best dancers” they’ve ever had on the show, speculated that their poor showing may have been backlash from last week.

Will the Di Lello husband and wife team make Top 10 on SYTYCD?

ashleighjakobhiphop091116_0183After some harsh words last week for dancers and audiences alike, it was a veritable love fest on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance Tuesday night as judges gave high praise to nearly all the dancers. Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Carr opened the evening’s competition with a strong Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine. Judges were quite confidant Jakob will secure a spot in the top 10. Ashleigh, however, almost didn’t make it into the top 20 and had elicited speculation whether she’d be riding Jakob’s coattails into the top 10. This week she proved she could hold her own and contribute equally to the partnership: “I could name a number of people who didn’t give you a chance, who are now eating their words,” said executive producer Nigel Lythgoe — judge Adam Shankman admitted he was one of the former doubters.


After placing in the bottom three couples last week, Ashleigh’s husband Ryan and his partner Ellenore Scott were given a second chance and had the other standout routine of the evening, a beautiful contemporary number choreographed by season 2 contestant, Travis Wall. For a few moments, the judges almost forgot this was a dance show as they raved about Travis’ choreography work on SYTYCD. They were equally enthusiastic about the dancers, calling Ryan “the best ballroom dancer that has ever done contemporary.”

Nigel not impressed; quickstep proves fatal on SYTYCD


Turns out that America is willing to forgive sloppy technique in favor of pinup good looks.


Even after what was undoubtedly the messiest routine of the show, So You Think You Can Dance fan favorites Nathan Tasoras and Mollee Gray were not in the bottom six.

Will the lawnmower racer and the “dream team” survive to top 14 on SYTYCD?

The World Series is over, which means voting for So You Think You Can Dance is back in the viewers hands for this week’s Top 16 dancers.


The Season 5 dancers were in the house, taking a break from their North American tour. Was it really only this past summer that Jeanine Mason was crowned?

So You Think You Can Dance taps out to top 16


The top 18 dancers sashayed straight into competition — and eliminations — on Tuesday’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

The two-hour long show was the final round to be decided entirely by the panel of three judges before voting is handed back over to viewers on November 10.

So You Think You Can Dance kicks off with illness and injury


Summer staple So You Think You Can Dance has transitioned into fall, with a new title treatment, a new permanent judge and 20 new dancers.

Before facing the ax on Tuesday, dancers showcased their talent in a pre-competition performance episode on Monday. The episode included one of the show’s best ever opening group numbers, a stylish production choreographed by Wade Robson.

So You Think You Can Dance picks their top 20

USA/Even before Jeanine Mason was crowned America’s Favorite Dancer on season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance, auditions were already rolling across the country for Season 6 of Fox’s hit show.

And while Mason and the rest of the top 10 are still in the middle of their North American tour, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and his panel of judges have already whittled down the thousands of hopefuls to pick their top 20 dancers in Wednesday’s Green Mile episode.

Jeanine Mason takes the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer”


sytycd_jeanine_1803_lyf_1 It was a night of celebration and tears at the Kodak Theater as contemporary performer Jeanine Mason was crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer” on season five of Fox’s summer hit  “So You Think You Can Dance.

“I never ever imagined this,” the 18-year-old said following the announcement, adding she never thought she would be giving an acceptance speech on the same stage that hosts the Academy Awards.

Down to the final four on “So You Think You Can Dance”


dance01The “dreaded quickstep” was once again the kiss of death as ballerina Melissa Sandvig was eliminated on Fox’s fifth season of the popular “So You Think You Can Dance.”Comments from the judges on Wednesday night were mixed for Sandvig’s challenging ballroom number as Mary Murphy said she was “disappointed” with Melissa and Evan Kasprzak‘s performance while Nigel Lythgoe raved, “it’s routines like I just watched now that started me dancing.”And in what was probably the biggest shock of the season, Ade Obayomi failed to inspire voters to pick up the phone, sending him packing rather than to the finale.  Ade and Jeanine Mason got down and dirty with a well-received Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop number, but their samba failed to impress due to technical shortcomings.ade“It started to fall apart for me. Ade, you were hopping around that floor,” Murphy said on Wednesday, adding the routine had a novice feel. The panel agreed the couple physically looked great but it wasn’t enough to keep the critiques at bay. “We were hoping to get an explosion of excellence and it really fell short for me,” crump choreographer and guest judge Lil C said of the performance. Despite the elimination of two dancers, Thursday’s show managed to retain somewhat of a celebratory feel as past finalists and winners took to the stage to perform Emmy-nominated numbers from last season, including “Bleeding Love,” “Silence” and “A Los Amigos.”This week’s competition got under way with Wednesday night’s performance show, which was a hotbed of sexy samba, high-flying disco and infidelity-inspired contemporary.After fielding some scathing critiques for his Tyce Diorio-choreographed Broadway number, Evan managed to inspire the judges during his quickstep routine, prompting Lil C to say,”I’m going to commend you for dancing bigger than you’ve ever danced on the show for me.”Judge favorites Brandon Bryant and Kayla Radomski continued their ride on the coveted hot tamale train with two first-class tickets doled out by Murphy.  Their “beyond intense” contemporary number, choreographed by Canadian Stacey Tookey, was a technical feast for the eyes. Kayla shone as an abused mistress in the adultery-inspired performance. “You have never taken a wrong step for me Kayla,” Murphy said, “That was perfection up there on the dance floor.”Lil C continued the compliments saying Kayla, who he described as “a beast,” has a tendency to outdance her partners, but her coupling with Brandon was the first time she was evenly matched.Kayla and Brandon will join Evan and Jeanine in the final four, competing for a chance to win $250,000 and the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”  Did the final four come as a surprise or did the top dancers make the cut?Captions: (Right) Melissa  Sandvig, 29, is a ballet dancer from Los Alamitos, CA. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Ruiz/FOXAde Obayomi,20, is a contemporary dancer from Chandler, AZ. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Ruiz/FOX

Did Katie Holmes prove she can dance?


holmes So Katie Holmes can sing (a little) and dance (a little). But should her “Get Happy” homage to Judy Garland on “So You Think You Can Dance” have been so hyped by the producers for weeks before it was actually screened (pre-taped) on Thursday’s show?

Holmes looked stunning in the black tights, fedora hat and black jacket costume she donned for her song and dance routine intended to publicize the Dizzy Feeet Foundation, which funds dance lessons for kids, and the 100th show milestone for the TV dance series.