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Got bad date karma? Get a “virtual boyfriend” on Soapnet


JAPANFor every woman who has looked aghast across a restaurant table as her date spouted something like the following: ”Waiter, I’ll have your cheapest champagne” or “If I want to get a hooker when I’m in Vegas, my wife is just going to have to understand” — Soapnet has a contest for you.

(For the record, those quotes are taken from two real dates)

The soap opera cable network, owned by the Walt Disney Co, is offering a “virtual boyfriend” to the woman with the absolute worst date story for a six-week Valentine’s Day promotion that kicks off Jan. 4.

The woman most afflicted – and willing to talk about it on — will get a year’s worth of flowers, candy, jewelry, and loving text messages from her virtual beau, presumably to ease the pain of her spectacularly bad date karma. With a virtual man, the winner gets all the romantic perks of a real boyfriend without excuses. Like the guy who said he was taking  ”Russian lessons” that turned out to be daily visits to his shrink, or another fella who insisted on tanning with ball bearings between his toes when he felt “pasty” all over. GERMANY/

(Again, all true stories)

The cable soap opera network also will run six episodes of “Greg Behrendt’s Wake Up Call”, a sort of romantic repair show hosted by the eponymous “He’s Just Not That Into You” author and stand-up comic, as well as romance-themed movies that Soapnet promises are not “gooey.”