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Lindsay Lohan film so bad, it should be seen — Starz


lilo.jpgIn a relatively novel approach to movie marketing, cable TV premium film channel Starz has launched a promotion for its airing of Lindsay Lohan’s box office bomb, “I Know Who Killed Me,” by urging people to tune in not because it is good, but because the movie is so bad!

“We’re an equal opportunity channel,” said a Starz spokesman. “We will offer the best in movies, as well as the worst.” He noted the channel also has on its schedule “No Country For Old Men,” winner of the best film Oscar for 2007.

But before “No Country,” there is Starz’s June 14 airing of “I Know Who Killed Me,” which tells of twin girls stalked by a serial killer. Lohan plays both twins. The movie not only tanked at box offices ($7.5 million U.S.), it was killed by critics (only 8 pct had good things to say, according to review aggregator

With its promotional tongue firmly planted in its TV cheek, Starz trumpets the bad reviews in its ad promoting the movie. “A disaster that exerts a perverse fascination,” Variety wrote in its review last year, as it appears on the Starz ad.