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They expect us to laugh? “Love Guru”, “Get Smart”


myers2.jpgIt’s rare when two big-budget comedies with big-name stars battle for the same audience on the same weekend at movie theaters. The general rule is that one big comedy is enough. But this Friday, “Get Smart” with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway squares off against “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba.

But the big problem for both may not be that there are too few comedy fans to go around. Rather, it may be that both are getting panned by many critics. Reviews are mixed for “Get Smart,” but mostly bad for “Love Guru.”

“Two film comedies go head-to-head this weekend, ‘Love Guru’ and ‘Get Smart,’ which is anything but smart on the studios’ part,” the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

“But the real question is, which is the worst?,” the review continues. “Quite possibly, ‘Love Guru’ will out-awful ‘Get Smart.’