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Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson giving a little back to his fans


Anyone who has ever been within earshot of a radio is familiar with Supertramp’s endless list of hit songs: ”Give a Little Bit,” “Dreamer,” “Breakfast in America,” “The Logical Song” … But the British singer/songwriter behind the tunes is, by his own account, “an unknown quantity,” not quite up there in name recognition with a McCartney, a Jagger or a Townshend.

“Roger Hodgson the name is not a very bankable name,” Hodgson told Reuters on Tuesday.

roger1Or, more to the point, promoters and agents in the United States are not quite as tuned in to his potential as their international counterparts.

Hodgson (pictured at the Grammy Museum on Feb. 28) quit the prog rock band in 1983 to focus on raising his family in verdant northern California. He returned to the business in 2001, and  is a hot commodity in Europe, South America, Canada and Australia.