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Jakob Dylan daydreams on stage


The next time you see Jakob Dylan pouring his heart and soul into his songs while performing in concert, be aware that the rock musician could be faking it and pondering some completely random notion.

Jakobeagle“I can sing just about anything, and think about almost anything else. I really can. You’d be surprised,” Dylan told fans during a Q&A at the Grammy Museum on Monday, a day before the release of his second solo album. ”I’m not above playing songs that people want to hear whether I’m necessarily so into it. I won’t make an audience wait 4 hours ’til I get to that (mental) spot.

“The only time I try to avoid songs is when I think that it just sounds like, ‘Oh boy, for those 4 minutes I’m probably going to check out too much and that’s not good for anybody.’” 

The 40-year-old rock ‘n’ roll scion begins a U.S. tour near Pittsburgh on Friday to promote the new disc “Women + Country.” As the married father of  four children, he said he has become increasingly aware that concertgoers are shelling out good money for babysitters and gas, “and I think you’ve got to honor that to some degree.”