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Mila Kunis to parents: Retire already!


MilaKunisActress Mila Kunis has enjoyed a lot of success in her career. She starred in TV hit “That ’70s Show” and has voiced the character Meg Griffin in “The Family Guy.” In her latest role, she appears opposite Oscar winner Denzel Washington in action movie “The Book of Eli,” which opens on Jan. 15.

But there’s one area where all of Kunis’ efforts seem to end in frustration for her — and that’s getting her immigrant parents from Ukraine to take advantage of her own financial good fortune and retire, which means that her dad would have to quit driving a taxi and her mom would have to hang it up at the drug store she manages.

“I pray that they retire today,” Kunis told Reuters.  “I don’t think they have it in them not to work … My parents have worked full-time since the day we got to the (United) States. I am blessed and in the position where they don’t have to work full-time and I would be so happy to be able to do that to them. They will not do it.”

Kunis, 26, said she loves her parents, whom she called “amazing” and “inspirational.” But during a boisterous interview at a Los Angeles hotel, she described how, for her, convincing her parents to let her have a cell phone during her teen years was like “asking for a villa.” Maybe if she succeeds in her latest goal, Kunis can get her parents to retire in a villa, with a cell phone at their side.