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Enough with lame movie sequels – Entertainment Weekly


fraser.jpgHollywood always seems to have another sequel up its sleeve. But the magazine Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday said enough already, calling for Hollywood producers to pull the plug on 14 movie franchises  it says have run out of gas.
First on the list was “The Mummy.” The third and latest installment in the franchise, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” which stars Brendan Fraser, had an opening weekend about $10 million below pundits’ forecasts more than a week ago when it made $40.5 million. On its second weekend, it dropped a whopping 60 percent to $16.5 million, and only 11 percent of critics on the Web site gave “Tomb” a favorable rating as of Tuesday.
Entertainment Weekly said the latest movie comes “eight long years” after the last installment ford.jpgand that the franchise “should have stayed in its tomb.” 
The latest Indiana Jones movie, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” has made a whopping $776 million worldwide since it opened in May. But that’s not enough to stave off the Entertainment Weekly pundits. They called the movie “humdrum” and said they would only be interested if Indy’s dad, played by Sean Connery, makes a comeback. 
Also on the list was the Austin Powers franchise. The magazine said comedian Mike Myers’ style “became all too predictable with its two sequels,” before the third movie “Austin Powers in Goldmember” came out in 2002. Myers also had out myers.jpg“The Love Guru” this summer, which bombed at box offices.
Other film franchises on the Entertainment Weekly list were “American Pie,” “Bring It On,” “Saw,” “Friday the 13th,” and spoofs in the style of 2000′s “Scary Movie.”

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

They expect us to laugh? “Love Guru”, “Get Smart”


myers2.jpgIt’s rare when two big-budget comedies with big-name stars battle for the same audience on the same weekend at movie theaters. The general rule is that one big comedy is enough. But this Friday, “Get Smart” with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway squares off against “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba.

But the big problem for both may not be that there are too few comedy fans to go around. Rather, it may be that both are getting panned by many critics. Reviews are mixed for “Get Smart,” but mostly bad for “Love Guru.”