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Joan Jett, “The Runaways” rock Sundance


So, maybe you thought the Sundance Film Festival was just about movies? Think again.

A big part of a successful movie is a good score, hit song or great soundtrack. Any director or producer will tell you music can make or break a film, and each year the festival promotes music seminars to help filmmakers learn the ins-and-outs of creating or picking good tunes. Also, the festival will screen a few films dealing with musicians, bands or the recording industry, and this year is no exception.

“The Runaways,” which tells the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll story of the all-girl 1970s-era band of the same name led by Joan Jett, brought youthful energy and starpower to  Sundance 2010′s opening weekend. You can read about the movie here. Stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart were in town for the movie’s premiere.  Fanning portrays Cherie Currie, whose career as the Runaways lead singer flamed-out as a teenager due to alcohol and drug use, and Stewart is Joan Jett. Jett, with her band The Blackhearts, continues to rock into her 50s and while the movie does not open until March, she was at Sundance playing a Saturday night gig at Harry O’s. We were there and put together the brief video clip above.