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Dr. Conrad Murray, guilty as charged?


(video by Marc Price)

Los Angeles prosecutors finally had their day in court on Monday, when Dr. Conrad Murray — better known as Michael Jackson’s personal physician — was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the pop star’s sudden death. You can read about the charges here.

If you don’t already know about the case, LA coroners have said Jackson died of acute intoxication of an anesthetic drug called propofol, which is used in surgery. Dr. Murray has admitted giving the singer propofol on the day he died, according to court documents, but he has also said other doctors gave Jackson numerous drugs. Indeed, the coroner’s report said several drugs, including the sedative Lorazepam, were in Jackson’s system. You can read about the drugs in his system here.

Proving the case against Murray will be difficult, legal experts say, but far from impossible. Prosecutors have to make jurors believe that Murray’s actions in treating the singer were grossly negligent. “You got to remember, by definition, ‘involuntary’ means there was no intent to cause death. Essentially, it is an accidental death that is so aggravated (by Murray’s actions) that it becomes a crime,” said McGregor Scott of San Francisco-based firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe.

Murray is, of course, innocent until proven guilty in the United States. But we know there are a lot of strong, passionate feelings among Jackson fans about his death and whether Murray is at fault. So, we went out to Hollywood Boulevard to ask some entertainment-savvy folks about the charges. Click on the video above to watch. And if you have your own opinion, let us know in the comment section.

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” was it at box offices


Michael Jackson movie “This Is It” has finally come, but it is not quite gone — not yet.jackson6

In fact Columbia Pictures, the movie studio behind the film that looks at Jackson’s rehearsals for the London concerts that were to have been his comeback, said on Sunday it would extend the run in theaters.

“This Is It.” Michael Jackson’s final bow. … Or is it?


jackson7Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” finally opened in Los Angeles on Tuesday night to a packed house with many stars in attendance, including Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and his brothers who formed the old Jackson 5.  You can read about the movie here and here.

The film had been described as a sort of mix between documentary of his last rehearsals for his “This Is It” concerts and a concert film. It was made from some 80 hours of videos made during those rehearsals that took place only days before his sudden death on June 25.

UPDATE: “This Is It” Really? Fans prep for Michael Jackson movie


(updates with Elizabeth Taylor’s rave review)

jackson61After weeks of hype that the King of Pop would no doubt love, the Michael Jackson concert movie “This Is It” hits theaters around the globe on Wednesday.

The premiere from Los Angeles the night before will be webcast live on and on, and organizers said fans will be able to comment and discuss the event on the web.

from UK News:

What do you think of Michael Jackson’s single “This Is It”?

This Is ItMichael Jackson's posthumous  new single, "This Is It" began streaming online and playing on radio stations on Monday. The singer died four months ago from a prescription drugs overdose at age 50.

A series of 50 concerts scheduled at London's 02 Arena from July 2009 through March 2010 was also entitled "This Is It".

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” trailer released to Web


After giving the world a first look at the upcoming Michael Jackson film “This Is It” at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Sony Pictures has now made it possible for fans to download the trailer of the much talked-about michael-jacksonshow1rehearsal footage, shot in the weeks before the singer’s death in June.

Fans can visit this Sony website to access the trailer, which runs for nearly three minute.