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First pictures of the “pregnant man” and his baby girl


thomas_beatie.jpgPeople magazine has managed to snare the first photos of the “pregnant man,” transgender male Thomas Beatie, and his baby girl Susan Juliette. Beatie, 34, is legally male but was born female and underwent gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment. He did, however, keep his female reproductive organs so when he and his wife Nancy decided to have a child, he was the one who conceived through articial insemination with donor sperm. Susan was born on June 29, weighing 9 lb and 5 oz.. His wife Nancy is breastfeeding the baby though a process called induced lactation.

“We know prejudice is out there, but how can anyone judge this beautiful little baby?” the couple told People magazine. The magazine did not give details of how much it paid the couple for the photos and interview.

Photo courtesy of People magazine