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In Venice, director utters “f-word” … But it’s not what one might think


solondzTodd Solondz has uttered the “f-word” in Venice. No, not that one … ”Fascist”. Asked at a press conference for his new movie “Life During Wartime” whether he could give an opinion about the current political situation in Italy, he replied:

“I’m smart enough to know that I know so little and I would be very foolish, given whatever I know, to have an opinion in front of you guys. I just hope things work out nicely here. It’s lovely in this wonderful fascist building to take pleasure in this conversation.”

The building he was referring to was the Casino, a Fascist-era structure dating back to near the beginning of the world’s oldest film festival in 1932. Let’s not forget that two years later the Mussolini Cup was introduced at the festival for best foreign and best Italian films. Of course, all that has changed now. Although, at least for Solondz, the past is not forgotten.