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Another Aerosmith rocker on sick list as tour begins


Rocking out with Aerosmith can be hazardous for your health. Four out of five of the veteran group’s members have disclosed major medical problems in the last three years. The most recent addition to the sick list is guitarist Brad Whitford. 

aerosmithThe band’s publicist said on Monday that Whitford, 57, is recovering from “recent surgery,” and will miss an unspecified number of dates on the band’s tour, which begins on Wednesday in St. Louis. She declined to comment on Whitford’s ailment. Bobby Schneck, who has played with Green Day and Weezer, will fill in for him. 

Here’s an update on Whitford’s bandmates:
    – Singer Steven Tyler, 61, underwent throat surgery in 2006, forcing the band to cut short a tour. Tyler, who has long battled substance abuse, checked into rehab last May saying he wanted “a safe environment” to recover from a series of painful foot surgeries.
    – Guitarist Joe Perry, 58, was forced to undergo emergency knee surgery earlier this year after developing “unforeseen complications” with a replacement knee.
    – Bassist Tom Hamilton, 57, underwent a seven-week course of radiation treatment for throat cancer in 2006.

That leaves drummer Joey Kramer, 58, who famously set himself and his Ferrari on fire at a Boston gas station in 1998. Later this month, he will release a memoir detailing his emotional breakdown in 1995 and his battles with depression and anxiety.