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Justin time for April Fool’s: “Bieber or Die”


Never expect the jokers at to let April Fool’s Day pass without a prank. So, on Thursday the website co-founded by comedian Will Ferrell was rebranded Bieber or Die, as in teen pop star Justin Bieber. The young pop star appeared in videos on the site saying that he had bought Funny or Die and that “this is Bieber’s world, you’re just living in it.”Justin Bieber

On a day when Google rebranded itself Topeka (prank) and actress Anna Paquin declared she is bisexual (apparently true), vying for attention could be a tough gambit, but who better than Bieber to do that for the folks at Funny or Die? The pop star’s debut album titled “My World 2.0″ sold more than 3.3 million single track sales before it was even released last week, and this week it ranks as the top album on the Billboard 200 chart.

In one video at “Bieber or Die”, the 16 year-old singer said, “I’m a star, I do what stars do. I ride on yachts, I autograph lady lumps and I pay people to slap them.” Ah, the benefits of not having a record contract with Disney.

Bieber also appeared in a spoof of the popular viral video David After Dentist, in which a dad shot a video of his 7 year-old son acting dazed and confused after dental surgery.