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‘Transformers’ tickets are hot sellers, but for how long?


Monday, we told you Hollywood is looking for big box office from the new movie “Tranformers: Revengebay1 of the Fallen,” when it begins playing in U.S. theaters on Wednesday. (Read about it here). And to give the studios hope, tickets for the movie have been hot items online.

As of late Tuesday, only hours ahead of midnight screenings, advance tickets remained highly sought. was reporting over 1,000 sellouts in theaters, including 600 midnight screenings. The movie was accounting for some 93 percent of all tickets sold at the website.

But if the action-packed adventure from director Michael Bay (that’s him at right) wants to reach the $700 million-plus box office of 2007′s first “Transformers,” it needs to get audiences on its second, third and fourth weekends. Typically that only happens for movies with good fan buzz, and so far “Revenge of the Fallen” has been panned by many critics. At, which aggregates reviews, only 27 percent of critics polled have had good things to say. Read that here.

bay11To see how big “Revenge of the Fallen” can be, astute box office watchers (like Viacom and Paramount Pictures honchos Sumner Redstone and Brad Grey at left) will be looking less at the first few days box office and more at the percentage drop off as days go by. The percentage drop from week No. 1 to week No. 2 will be especially telling. For a splashy, effects-filled movie like “Transformers,” the drop off should be around 50 percent.