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High School Musical sweethearts keep silent on off-screen romance


There’s plenty of sweet on-screen romance between Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez in upcoming  “High School Musical 3″.

But don’t try asking actors Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens to spill the beans on their  real-life romance of more than a year.

hsm-zac-and-van.JPGIn the movie, opening in the U.S. and much of Europe next week, teen sweethearts Troy and Gabriella waltz on a rooftop garden, hold hands in a garden hammock, and gaze at the stars from a treehouse while they navigate their senior year of high school and the prospect of college in separate cities.

And that’s before they even exchange a kiss.

Yet Efron, who turns 21 on Oct. 18, and Hudgens, 19,  declined to be interviewed together during press promotions in Beverly Hills this week, and both fended off questions about their own future together.