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Attn: X-Men, win a “Wolverine” film premiere


jackman11Ever wonder what it would be like to travel to Hollywood, attend a gala movie premiere and walk up the red carpet alongside a big star like Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in upcoming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

Well, no need to go to Hollywood because Hollywood — and Jackman – could come to you. 

The Twentieth Century Fox film studio on Wednesday unveiled a contest for one U.S. town to host the world premiere of the new “X-Men” movie on Monday, April 27. Jackman made the announcement in a YouTube video, and you can see it here.

To win, fans should visit, mark their hometown with a digital “X,” and the town with the most X’s will hold the premiere, hosted by Jackman. Fox promises that it will not only bring the movie but “stars and filmmakers,” as well. “The event will have all the other trappings of a mega-Hollywood premiere, including the red carpet, klieg lights and media coverage,” Fox says.