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Team Edward or Jacob? Creative or pugnacious? Twihards analyzed


USA/Twilight fans can be fiercely divided in their loyalty to the vampire Edward or the werewolf Jacob but do they know why? Mindset Media, the makers of something  called psychographic ad technology, has conducted an online survey of 2,000 Twilight fans or Twihards and claims that personality may play a major role in which team people are drawn to.

“The diehard fans of each team share the personality traits of the character they support,” said Stephanie Wang, Director of Business Development at Mindset Media, in a statement.

According to the study, fans of Team Edward scored high in three distinct personality traits: 1. Creative meaning  they are inventive, imaginative 2.  Responsible meaning they follow through HUNGARYand get the job done 3. Perfectionists  much like Edward waiting to find his perfect counterpart.

On the other hand, fans of Team Jacob scored high in the following personality traits: 1. Pugnaciousness and unafraid to  tell others what they think of them, valuing honesty and bluntness 2. Impulsive so able to relate to Jacob for his love of reckless activities 3. Spontaneous, like Jacob and his tendency to be there for Bella at the drop of a hat.