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from Jeremy Gaunt:


Twitter does have some very strange Trends. These are the things that appear on the right-hand side of the page that show what people are talking about. They more they talk, the more likely it is that something will get listed.  More often than not they are about celebrities such as Justin Bieber.

But today's Worldwide  Trends was particularly unusual.

#ThingsStrongerThanTheKenyaShilling was right up there near the top.

As the graph here shows, the shilling has taken a heavy beating since the Lehman Brother collapse. This is one reason for the Twitter outburst.  "Kenyans are getting fed up," said @oreo_junkie, whose Twitter feed states it is from Nairobi.

And judging by some of the other "answers" to the trendline, it is not a matter for levity in Kenya. "Government's resolve to fight Corruption" was one;  "Stupidity of Kenyans to  reelect the same MPs" was another.

But other Tweeters are taking advantage of the trend to broaden the answers out.  Chances  that "Jerry Springer weds Oprah Winfrey" is apparently stronger than the shilling, as is   "Arsenal's chances of winning the League, Champions League and the FA Cup".

Sheen vs. Gaddafi – who has better value?


Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen or Muammar Gaddafi? Once thought to have nothing in common, the longtime Hollywood bad boy and embattled Libyan leader have not only topped the headlines this week, but popular culture blogs, news websites, media outlets and social networking sites. The Web has been abuzz with comparisons of both these colorful characters over who offers the better entertainment value for their outlandish quotes and in Gaddafi’s case, his unabashed fashion sense.

Britain’s The Guardian newspaper offered a much emailed quiz this week with 10 over-the-top quotes and a choice to pick in each case GaddafiSheen or Gaddafi, such as “I have defeated this earthworm, with my words.” Unless you have been following every development in each case, you might be surprised at what you get wrong.

Threats follow cuddles in budding Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez romance


bieberThey said they were just friends and laughed off the photos a few weeks ago that suggested there might be a teen romance budding.

But  Justin Bieber broke the hearts of millions of his young fans when photos surfaced on Monday of the 16 year-old singer canoodling (bare-chested)  with Disney star Selena Gomez, 18,  (wearing a bikini) on a yacht in the Caribbean over the New Year.

Rainn Wilson reigns in Ebert’s Toronto twitter showdown



Who knew Dwight Kurt Schrute III could sell paper and tweet with Internet wit and humor, too?

At the Toronto International Film Festival’s Filmmaker’s Lounge on Saturday, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute of “The Office”) out-tweeted four other film industry panelists — hard-core tweeters all — in a “Twitter Showdown” hosted by MTV’s Dan Levy.

Elle Macpherson in rhino horn row


ElleAustralian supermodel Elle Macpherson has got herself into a spot of bother by implying in a recent interview that she used powdered rhino horn as a beauty therapy, even though the animal is endangered. Animal welfare groups have reportedly reacted angrily, prompting her to issue a statement clarifying that her remarks, made in the shortened Twitter format, were tongue-in-cheek.

“While I’m happy that the critical issue of protecting endangered species is back in the headlines, I am a but surprised that it is based on my use of herbal and homeopathic medicine,” she said in a statement given to Reuters.

UPDATE: “This Is It” Really? Fans prep for Michael Jackson movie


(updates with Elizabeth Taylor’s rave review)

jackson61After weeks of hype that the King of Pop would no doubt love, the Michael Jackson concert movie “This Is It” hits theaters around the globe on Wednesday.

The premiere from Los Angeles the night before will be webcast live on and on, and organizers said fans will be able to comment and discuss the event on the web.

Kanye West death hoax hits the Web


Kanye West is alive and well, despite an Internet hoax suggesting that the rap star died in a Los Angeles car crash on Tuesday.amber-rose-kanye-west

A fake story was circulated via e-mail and on social networking websites saying that West was killed in a collision that left a second person injured, a third arrested for  manslaughter and a fourth person detained by police.

UPDATE: Aerosmith wife no fan of band’s albums


(updates with comment from Joe Perry)

The wife of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry doesn’t particularly care for the band’s recordings, and has never listened to any of their albums in their entirety. 

“I am not a fan of Aerosmith’s music without the live performance behind it,”billie1 Billie Perry (at right with her husband) wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday.

Vincent van Gogh: Facebook Addict?


Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh wrote more than 800 letters during his short life, posting a note almost daily to his brother Theo. This was quite common in the 19th century, due to the lack of telephones, email and social networking sites.

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait, 1887

In his letters, he would chat about the art he was working on, and try to sketch his paintings so his family and friends had a sense of his plans. The letters have become an art history treasure and have recently been compiled in a new six-volume publication.

Miley Cyrus quits Twitter


On television, Disney star Miley Cyrus can flip between her normal self and her Hannah Montana alter ego, just by putting on a blond wig.cyrus

On the Internet, the 16 year-old Cyrus also can switch off unwanted public attention, just by deleting her Twitter page, as she did on Thursday,  without a clear explanation.