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My Name is …Twitition?? “Earl” fans launch Twitter rescue campaign


NBC wouldn’t save it, but could Twitter rescue the axed TV comedy “My Name is Earl”?


Actor Ethan Suplee, who plays Earl’s buffoonish brother Randy Hickey on the four year-old American comedy show, has a Twitter campaign aimed at trying to persuade another U.S. television network to pick up the series, which NBC said  this week it was dropping from its fall schedule.

“If it’s just a matter of some people saying, ‘We want to watch the show,’ let’s see if some people want to say that,” Suplee told Web site

“Ultimately there are just a couple more episodes that I’d like to see done. It doesn’t have to be the show that runs infinitely, but there are a few episodes that ['Earl''s creator Greg Garcia] wanted to make, that I was excited about making. Just to close it out – is this guy stuck making amends for the rest of his life?” Suplee said of the cliffhanger that ended the fourth season.

Team Britney joins Ashton Kutcher, CNN in Twitter race


britney-spearsGame on. The race to 1 million followers on Twitter has a new player, after singer Britney Spears’ manager made it known she has joined the competition.

For those who have not heard about it, the race started earlier this week when actor Ashton Kutcher challenged cable news channel CNN to a Twitter duel, promising to ring CNN founder Ted Turner’s doorbell if he wins. Not one to shy from attention, CNN broadcaster Larry King put out a video online responding to Kutcher’s challenge. “CNN will bury you,” King vowed, as he also lectured Kutcher that Turner no longer runs CNN.