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Tyra Banks strips down to promote new season


tyra-2If you happened to be lucky enough to be in New York’s Union Square on Monday, you might have glimpsed supermodel turned TV celebrity Tyra Banks naked — well, sort of. (See  the picture at right)

She was promoting the upcoming season of “The Tyra Banks Show,” her chat program that moves to the CW network this fall. It is the same network that airs Tyra’s “America’s Next Top Model” reality TV contest.

So Tyra stripped down to her knickers, make that a body suit, to say to the world that her new season is going to be about “celebrating inner and outer beauty and owning and rocking what you’ve got.”

Tyra has always been outspoken about women’s body images and the media’s perception of them. Readers may remember a few years back when several celebrity publications ran some rather unflattering pictures of Tyra in a bathing suit. Afterward, she went on her own media campaign to respond, saying things to the effect of, “so what. I am who I am, and this is the body I have.” Our words, not hers. But we say, “You go girl!”

Shocker! Simon Cowell most obnoxious celeb —


cowell.jpgIs it really a surprise? Simon Cowell, the king of mean judge on U.S. TV talent show “American Idol,” was voted Hollywood’s most obnoxious celebrity in a pop culture poll conducted by Parade magazine’s website,

Cowell, known for acidic comments aimed at contestants on the show after their performance has been less than adequate, topped the list followed by real estate mogul turned reality TV star Donald Trump, “Hell’s Kitchen” cook Gordon Ramsay and “The Hills” star Spencer Pratt, in that order.