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Lindsay Lohan makes fashion debut in Paris


FRANCE-FASHION/Cameramen elbowed photographers out of the way, television presenters crashed into bloggers, PR assistants were drowned in a shouting mass of paparazzi as everyone fought for a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan at Paris fashion week.

As a marketing scoop, her new job as artistic adviser for fashion house Emanuel Ungaro has certainly been a success. She even out-papped R&B singer Rihanna and actor Bruce Willis, who were among the VIPs visiting the Paris shows. Ungaro’s president, Mounir Moufarrige, observed the backstage scrum with a satisfied smile on his face, maybe mentally recalculating his profit outlook.

But whether the hype will translate into better sales for the ageing label remains to be seen.

“It’s the clothes that talk. People are interested, and our business is to sell,” Moufarrige told me after the show, surrounded by exhausted fashionistas sipping champagne. “We want to make beautiful products that people will buy.”

Lindsay Lohan’s passion for fashion


Want to know the real Lindsay Lohan? Check out her latest clothing range.

Hollywood’s wild child recently signed up with fashion house Emanuel Ungaro as an artistic adviser to add pizzazz to the ageing fashion brand. Her first collection will be unveiled on October 4 and it’s one she says is very close to her heart.

“I think working with Ungaro it’s more personal for me,” she told Reuters in Singapore, where she’ll be hosting a three-day music concert that coincides with the country’s Formula One race.