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Motherhood motivates Nicole Kidman in U.N. work


Actress Nicole Kidman says being a mother motivates her work as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador in the global fight to stem violence against women.nic.jpg

Kidman, who is seven months pregnant, is an ambassador for the U.N. Development Fund for Women and launched a Web site petition on Tuesday at U.N. headquarters in New York as part of a campaign to “Say No to Violence against Women.”

“I’m a mother, I have a child on the way, I have two children in the world and a lot of (my motivation) is about realizing the things that are wrong and how can I contribute,” she told a news conference.

“What are the things I can contribute to help my children have a better life and help other children around the world have a better life and other citizens of the world have a better life,” she said.