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Off the runway at NY Fashion Week

Reuters photographer Brendan McDermid shares his experience covering New York Fashion Week, with the logistics of shooting backstage, the shows and everything in between.

Fans seek midnight romance under light of “New Moon”


lautner2Fans lined up Thursday night at movie theaters to be among the first to get bitten by the “New Moon” phenomenon, the sequel to last year’s “Twilight.” The vampire romance movie ended up setting a box office record of $26.3 million for those midnight screenings by drawing fans like the ones profiled in our Fan Fare video below.

Who will go to “New Moon?” Lots of teen girls, for sure, but also moms who are into the story, young women and the men they drag along on dates. Those groups are expected to snap up tickets to the tune of about $100 million at U.S. and Canadian box offices this weekend. That’s a lot of howling at the “New Moon.”

No one wins in David Letterman blackmail arrest


David Letterman, victim, victor or philanderer?letterman

The married “Late Show” host’s revelation that he had sex with female staff members from his show, and that he worked with authorities to have an alleged blackmail culprit arrested, places Letterman in the odd position of having apparently vanquished a social parasite, but at the same time having his dirty laundry uncovered in the process.

Certainly, the audience was on his side during Letterman’s 10-minute exposition of what he first described as a “little story” he wanted to tell them. The audience clapped and laughed at even the most awkward moments of his tale, such as when he admitted to, as he put it, the “creepy” detail from his life at the heart of the alleged extortion plot, namely that he had sex with women who work on his show.

Marvel’s super-heroes look to invade cell phones


In a sign of the merchandising potential the Walt Disney Co bought with its $4 billion purchase of comic book house and movie studio Marvel Entertainment,  Marvel on Tuesday teamed up with ring-tone company Vringo to launch a new service — cell phone videos of characters like Wolverine, Captain America and the Fantastic Four.marvel

Customers can view animated clips of Marvel characters on their mobile phones, and turn them into video ringtones. In addition to video ringtones, Vringo also has a service that allows customers to call their friends, who would then see a Marvel super-hero or villain on their phones, and identify the caller that way.

Audrina Patridge talks about new slasher film “Sorority Row”


Audrina PatridgeHollywood starlet and tabloid favorite Audrina Patridge takes to the big screen in horror movie “Sorority Row,” which opens September 11.

She plays a sorority girl who ends up being the victim of a prank gone wrong — which later sparks a killing spree at the sorority.

Michael Jackson “alive” hoax video came from German TV station


German television station RTL has admitted to producing that video that emerged last month and appeared to show Michael Jackson alive and getting out of a Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office van, whichmichael-jackson spread quickly after it was posted on the Internet.

The station told U.S. news outlet CNN on Tuesday that the video was produced to show how easily rumors can spread online, such as the rumor that Jackson faked his death, used a coroner’s van as his private, incognito “taxi” service and then emerged in the bowels of a building, where he no doubt is hard at work cutting another album for later sale, Tupac-style.

Robin Williams talks about heart operation


robin-williamsRobin Williams, who stars in the movie “World’s Greatest Dad” opening on Friday, had a brush with mortality back in March when he had to undergo surgery to replace a faulty valve in his heart.

He talked to Reuters about the movie, and you can read that here. But in the video below, sitting next to his friend and comedian Robert “Bobcat” Goldthwait – the filmmaker behind “World’s Greatest Dad” – Williams discusses the heart operation.

Michael Jackson’s doctor speaks out


Dr. Conrad Murray, the personal doctor to Michael Jackson who was with the King of Pop when he suffered cardiac arrest and died on June 25, has spoken out in a video statement. And you can read about it here. But to watch his own words, click below.  

Will this video do anything to dampen the public interest in Murray that has arisen since the police probe into Jackson’s death? On Monday, an attorney for Jackson’s mother, Katherine, reportedly said she is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray. But while police are investigating Jackson’s death and the treatment he received from doctors, they have not formally charged Murray or anyone with any wrongdoing.

Another side of Bob Dylan: Kinky domestic violence


Bob Dylan is entering the torture-porn comedy arena with a new video from his chart-topping album.
The on-screen action in “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” follows a bloody battle between an attractive young woman and her older male captor in a seedy motel room. After stabbing him she escapes, runs him over with a car, and then smacks him — with a passionate kiss.
bobdDylan doesn’t actually appear in the video, having perhaps learned from “Tight Connection to My Heart” and a handful of features that acting is not his strong suit.
His Columbia Records label does not know if he has even seen it. The company has carte blanche with his videos, and its main job is “to push the envelope, to try not to be predictable,” said Greg Linn, Columbia’s vice president of marketing. 
The video premiered Tuesday on the cable channel IFC and its Web site. The company “jumped at the chance” to get an exclusive two-day window, said Craig Parks, IFC’s vice-president of digital media. IFC said the video was the right fit for its audience, which skews towards young male hipsters. But it garnered a hostile reception from fans, judging by comments posted on the Dylan fan Web site Expecting Rain.
The low-budget video was filmed in one day last month at the Astro Motel in downtown Los Angeles, with Australian filmmaker Nash Edgerton directing actors Amanda Aardsma and Joel Stoffer.
The actors did most of their own stunts, said Aardsma, who likened her feisty role to the one played by Rose McGowan, in Robert Rodriguez’ zombie thriller “Planet Terror. ” “The next day, I was pretty bruised and battered,” she said.
The video explores the thin line between love and hate. “It leaves you wondering whether they’re in a relationship or she’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome,” Aardsma added.
Linn said “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” was chosen over other cuts from “Together Through Life,” because it’s a thought-provoking tune that “sums up the whole record.” Romantic musings are prevalent on the album, but there’s also a dark side, and label executives started “vamping” from there in sketching out the video’s concept, he said.
The song could be seen as slightly creepy. “Oh well I love you pretty baby, You’re the only love I’ve ever known,” Dylan sings. “Just as long as you stay with me, The whole world is my throne.” Or it could just be a simple love song.

The album, meanwhile, fell four places to No. 5 on the U.S. pop album chart on Wednesday. In the U.K., it has just begun a second week at the top.