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“W.” cast and crew get personal about politics


 The makers of the upcoming “W.” biopic about President George Bush say they put olly-stone.jpgpersonal politics aside for the Oliver Stone-directed movie — and so far the early reviews seem to agree.  

 But that didn’t stop the cast and crew sounding off in a Beverly Hills press event this week about their personal feelings towards the U.S. president and his administration.  

 Screenplay writer Stanley Weiser told journalists he “had to park all my politics at the door. Before writing this I couldn’t even bear to listen to Bush. I had to turn it off.”

    Weiser went on to compare Bush with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying both men wanted the best for their people “but there is an absolute blind fundamentalism that develops” which makes Bush and Ahmadinejad believe they are 100 percent right about everything.