The Kremlin may be more involved in U.S. politics than you realize

July 30, 2016

Hackers released a treasure trove of unpleasant internecine emails on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. The Democratic Party chairwoman was out of a job and tensions between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters were reignited just as the Democrats were trying for a prime-time show of unity. Who were the hackers? Security experts inside and outside the government have pointed the finger at Russia. So, was this an act foreign aggression playing out on a strange new battlefield?

This week on War College, we talk to the man who literally wrote the book on cyber security, Peter W. Singer. Singer is a senior fellow at the New America Foundation and the author of Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Singer walks us through Moscow’s information warfare strategy, tells us why North Korea has the best cyber security on the planet and explains how everything we know about cybersecurity is wrong.

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