Kiton’s Eye For Detail

March 15, 2009

In February, the NYT ran a lavishly-illustrated thousand-word article on the new Kiton boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue. This is no low-rent operation:

The retailer is about to find out how many men are left in New York with the money, and the moxie, to pay more than $7,000 for an off-the-rack suit, or as much as $21,025 for the made-to-order version.
For the more budget-minded, Kiton sunglasses can be had for $1,395. Trousers are $1,195. And jeans? A mere $795…
Kiton — which employs 330 tailors who create its garments by hand — produces only a few thousand pieces a year. It takes 25 hours to make a jacket.

Kiton is now reciprocating, with a full-page ad in the NYT. Graphically, it’s a bit dull, and the tag line is just plain weird: "sex. mystery. royalty." But most bizarrely of all, the brand is described as "Neopolitan fine tailoring for men". A brand which prides itself on attention to detail is spelling "Neapolitan" in a manner which can charitably be described as unorthodox, and less charitably can be described as just plain wrong.

The wordsmiths on newspapers often struggle with numbers, and file copy of astonishing innumeracy. I guess this is an example of the same kind of thing: the artisans at Kiton, who are great at cutting cloth, struggling with their spelling. Or maybe it’s just part of the mystery of Kiton.


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