Stanford’s $4 Million Victim: His Nonexistent Lawyer

March 16, 2009

Alan Stanford, obviously, needs a lawyer. But his assets have been frozen, so he can’t afford one. It’s just not fair, according to one lawyer Ashby Jones spoke to:

The lawyer we spoke to said while he’d “love to get involved,” the money simply isn’t there. “You’d need $3 or $4 million to really get this case off the ground in the way it needs to be handled. And it’s not there.”
The lawyer said he thought it was “totally unfair” for a judge to authorize the freezing of money without allowing Stanford access to money to pay a lawyer.

I think I might have met this chap at a party once: he told me he was a criminal lawyer, and I asked him if he’d ever thought of going straight. Clearly not.

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