Landing at Reuters

By Felix Salmon
April 1, 2009

It’s my first day at work! After working from home for substantially all of this decade, it’s a strange feeling; I wonder how long it’ll take to get used to it.

A quick note of introduction for the rather enormous number of readers who’ve never heard of me: I’ve just moved my finance blog here after two years at I’ll be blogging the financial meltdown here in much the same way as I was over there, if maybe with a slightly more global outlook. But there will be room for other stuff, too: art and architecture, food and wine, demographics and development. Whatever catches my eye, really. So do feel free to suggest blogworthy material — my email address is felix.salmon at thomsonreuters — and let me know if you want me to cite you if the suggestion ends up in a blog entry.

In a weird way, this job means the culmination of a decade-long full-circle journey. In 1999 I got my first blogging gig (although it wasn’t called that at the time) at a little-known newswire called Bridge News. I would link to news stories on the wire, add snarky commentary, and do the whole thing on a fixed page in reverse chronological order. But there was very little conversation: in order to leave a comment, you basically needed to pick up the phone and call me.

My first blogs on the internet were tentative things, but by the time blogging really took off in 2003, I was up and running with both (my personal blog) and (a group blog). Meanwhile, I was learning a lot about international finance by writing about Latin America for Euromoney, the financial trade magazine. That’s how I first met NYU professor Nouriel Roubini: at the time we were both very interested in sovereign debt restructuring, and somehow after he started up his economics information aggregator, RGE Monitor, I persuaded him to give me a job blogging there.

That job led to the Portfolio gig, and thence back to a newswire, where it all started. My main job now is just to continue blogging as have been for the past couple of years — but I’m also going to be involved in setting up a brand-new commentary and opinion website, set slightly apart from, which will be launching later this year. In the meantime, I get to go swimming in the astonishing pool of information which is owned by Thomson Reuters, and blog anything I find there — something which is very exciting indeed, since finding things like bond spreads and commodity price history on the internet is decidedly non-trivial.

As for the biographical stuff, I’m an Englishman who’s made New York my home: I’ve lived here for the past 12 years, and can’t imagine leaving. I’m still 36, for a few more weeks. And I’m very much looking forward to getting to know, through the comments section, all the new readers I’m going to find through blogging at Welcome to the new blog!


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Will full post RSS be available; did I miss the correct link?

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Why does it say “Read More” at the end of this post on your feed when the entire post appears on your feed? I.e., there is no “more” to “read” by clicking on that link. ;^)

hey felix……

welcome and I look forward to what you have…

knock ‘em dead, Salmon.

Looking forward to that stats-backed bonds stuff and all the usual, too.

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Hi Felix, what a day to start work….
to help you relax check out the unofficial soundtrack at
its free and legal – and rather cool: no app to download
good luck wit the new beat

I look forward to reading your posts at your new home at Reuters. I recently started following your column at Portfolio and it has certainly explained a lot!

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Felix I think you should do a research of Mr Nouriel Roubini’s comments/suggestions and look at the returns accrued and see if there is a link between ‘intelligent people’s suggestions’ vs return of the index. The relationship which shouldnt exist as according to the efficient market hypothesis no one can beat the market and tell us what the results are!! I think take a period from 2002 dont take a short one.
Hope you have something to write on then!

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Hi Felix,
Welcome…reuters is finally tuning in to young minds who understands markets and pop. culture around it…looking forward to this blog

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Felix, glad to see you are here. Really enjoy your work on SA.

Posted by Jeff W | Report as abusive

Congratulations to Reuters for signing on a brilliant and prolific mind.

Felix is one of a kind, in the best of all possible ways.

The news of this latest intellectual venture of Felix Salmon is in one word: fantastic.

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Felix — come on, its APRIL 1 — Is this a joke??

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Hi, I’m new reader to and hope to touch your articles now onwords.

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Welcome to the Reuters family Felix. Looking forward to the blog.

Posted by Eric Burroughs | Report as abusive

Greetings Felix and best wishes, Pravin
An emerging country litigator from the deep past…