Monday links are fiscally expansionary

By Felix Salmon
April 6, 2009

So let’s see if this stuff really works: Baruch on fiscal policy, making the point that while we can’t ignore the Great Depression, we also can’t use it as a useful precedent.

FDIC’s Insurance Commitments 34% Higher Than Reported: $1.4 trillion of FDIC guarantees are considered “temporary” and therefore aren’t worthy of inclusion on the FDIC balance sheet. Shifty.

Capella Resources: A fraudulent scam for the ages: Otto does some snooping around a Canadian mining penny stock, and follows up here.

NYT News Blog Forgets It Should Not Be ‘Snarky’: It’s pretty much impossible for higher-ups to legislate what the tone of a blog should be. These things emerge organically, and if you leave them alone, they can flourish. Anything else is a recipe for tension and unhappiness.

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