Stanford’s last days of freedom

April 6, 2009

Allen Stanford has given an interview to ABC news, and it makes for compelling viewing. He’s tearful, he’s aggressive, he’s delusional, he’s hilarious: he seems entirely convinced that he wasn’t running a Ponzi scheme, even as he complains about being “forced to fly on a commercial plane for the first time in almost two decades”. My favorite bit:

“I always lived very frugally. I flew around in a private jet, I had a boat, but I always lived very frugally.”

Stanford says he expects to be indicted in two weeks. If you listen carefully during the interview you can hear a cover of Cole Porter’s Night and Day playing in the background. I wonder if Stanford, struggling to retain his dignity, knows the lyrics, or has wondered if they apply to his remaining days as a free man:

Like the tick tick tock of the stately clock
As it stands against the wall

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