Saturday links reach the end of the road

By Felix Salmon
April 12, 2009

Job Sprawl: And why it’s not a great idea to start extrapolating.

Look Into the Sun: The no-advertising business model. Doesn’t seem to be doing particularly well these days either.

The Best Minds of My Generation: Are going to be trying to game the PPIP. Is this a feature or a bug? See also Mike on risk management, and the incentives that banks have to shove the maximum amount of risk possible into the tails. (This is what I call the “Rubin Trade”.)

Why is Good Friday a Stock Market Holiday: I love this: “Two or three years in a row during the 1890′s, there was a big drop in the market on Good Friday. Traders took it as a sign from God that he didn’t want the exchange open.” Because God is a stock market bull, obvs.

Henry Paulson’s Son Finds Dad’s Money Won’t Buy Soccer Bliss: As Ryan says, funny on so many levels.

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As one of the few commenters on Mike’s blog who actually took him up on his offer to come up with other endings for the phrase, “A third party of ex-Citi executives, CitiJR, bid $80 for assets worth $50. Sure enough, two years later they lose their $6.50…” I must say I’m a bit disappointed. My offerings weren’t all that great, but I was really looking forward to hearing what the other great minds of my generation might be able to come up with. Well, Felix, how about it? Have at it!

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