Monday links look at banks’ books

By Felix Salmon
April 20, 2009

Citi’s Earnings: Even Cittier Than You Think: Dear John Thain gets into the weeds, and doesn’t like what he sees.

IFRS vs US-GAAP: European Banks Leverage Overstated: One (not the only) reason why European bank-leverage numbers are so scary. I’m not happy about the chart, though, which doesn’t seem to be to scale.

“I Love Charts”: From Sid the Science Kid. Adorable.

Enjoy Banking!


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I cringe at every headline you have of the form “XXXday links YYY” for YYY != null ; yes, today is the most innocuous example in recent days buy still!. Lacking grammar, humor, or information, they are just subliminally annoying. Failed experiment; Felix, please move on.

Posted by ax | Report as abusive

Felix, you’re doing a remarkable, important journalistic job, in breadth as well as in depth, and you’re often very amusing – although the topics you cover aren’t, sadly.
From a US taxpayer’s standpoint, what’s been going on with the banks since their collapse is adding insult to injury.

Posted by YR | Report as abusive

Agree with ax above. Love you stuff Felix, but ditch the new links headline.

Posted by ab | Report as abusive