Pulitzer datapoint of the day

By Felix Salmon
April 20, 2009

Number of 2009 Pulitzers awarded for financial journalism: 0.


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E: A and B are correct.

I see the NYT won in the Anti-Americana & Obama Hagiography categories, among others. Walter Duranty would be proud. You need to do more for the cause if you want to win, Felix! Here’s a novel idea: blame the mortgage crisis on James G. Watt or Ed Meese – that should get you noticed.

The Pulitzer Prize committee also isn’t hip to this whole “blogging” thing. As a result, they’re probably unaware of most of the best stuff out there.

Speaking of which, please do make sure you remember to submit this for consideration for next year’s awards.

All financial journalism pieces submitted to the committee were mistakenly included in the Fiction category by an intern, who could not fathom that the incidents reported could be anything other than make believe. Once there, the judges rejected them as too outlandish and implausible even for fiction. QED

The problem with this poll is that the choices are not mutually exclusive…one could validly argue that all four are simultaneously true…I would, however, agree with Equity Private.

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