Tuesday links fail to reduce risk

April 21, 2009

A Central Clearing House Doesn’t Reduce CDS Risk: It’s talking about this paper. I think the key point here is that most non-CDS derivatives are traded over the counter, rather than through clearing houses. And as a result, a CDS clearing house might not result in as much of a reduction in counterparty risk as you might think.

The Close: I appear on Canada’s BNN to talk about where TARP money is going, and whether it should be paid back.

The US Singles Map: A very nice piece of information design.

America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire: A pretty awful column from Mark Penn, with lots of statistics, substantially all of which ultimately come from one Technorati survey which made no real attempts at statistical significance. I’d expect more from a pollster.

File No. S7-08-09: A fabulous letter to the SEC.


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