Wednesday links lose their meaning

April 22, 2009

Infrastructure Madness: Jack Shafer on the meaninglessness of crumbling-infrastructure statistics.

Rich People Things: A great rant from Chris Lehmann.

The German econblogger space is just fine: Edward Harrison responds to me with some good points.

Portals and Rails: The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has an entire blog devoted to risks in the retail-payments system. I love this medium.

Geithner fails to impress: In front of Congress, and Elizabeth Warren.

The Infinite Loan Machine. An examination of the effect of loan securitization on the fractional reserve banking system: Is fractional reserve banking incompatible with securitization? Maybe.

Forging Ahead: How the rise of eBay means more fake antiques, but less looting.

A flawed first draft of history: The editor of the FT in self-criticism mode.

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