Tuesday links are likely to be disappointed

April 28, 2009

Frozen-out Stanford investors petition Congress: They were happy parking their money in an offshore bank when it offered too-good-to-be-true yields. But now that bank has imploded, they want onshore financial protections. Good luck with that.

Maiden Lane Transactions: Lots more information on them than we’ve had until now, and all of this could easily have been published at the time they were set up. Alea says that the first one is “strangely made of 80% agency CMOs”.

Ben Graham would be proud: When two economically-identical instruments trade at wildly different prices: the GM example.

Heckle and Chide: Results of a Randomized Road Safety Intervention in Kenya: Putting up signs in minibuses seems to do a good job of reducing traffic accidents.

Blogonomics, or the economics of writing for “free”: Some good analysis from SMI.

Lazard Surprises the Street With a Loss: Even the advisory shops are losing money now.

Bank of America Chief in Battle to Hold His Job: There seems to be a real chance that shareholders might succeed in ousting Ken Lewis. It might not be probable, but the fact that it’s even possible is a sign of the times.


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