Donald Math

May 18, 2009

Alex Frangos has some spectacular tidbits from a Donald Trump deposition today. My favorite is in the sidebar:

At the condo and hotel project in Las Vegas, Mr. Trump had told reporters on several occasions that the project sold for $1,300 a square foot on average.

At the deposition, the lawyer, Mr. Ceresney, asks if that sales figure is true.

“For some units it is, yes. We got some — we sold — we got 1,300 — I averaged on some units $1,300 a foot,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Ceresney then asked: “Do you understand the concept of an average, Mr. Trump?”

The Donald’s inability to tone down his bluster even during a formal deposition is quite impressive, in its own way. As Ryan Chittum says, “the deposed Trump is a huckster laid bare” — but of course it’s Trump’s very hucksterism which has made him the business celebrity he is today. Trump won’t win his lawsuit against Timothy O’Brien, at least not in the legal sense. But that doesn’t mean he won’t bask in all the publicity it generates — both positive and, as in this case, negative.


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