A public service announcement

May 22, 2009

Are you thinking of buying or reading Edmund Andrews’s book about how subprime lenders drove him to insolvency? Read this first. And thank your lucky stars that there are bloggers out there (in this case, Megan McArdle) who do a much better job of policing NYT journalists’ memoirs than any MSM journalist is ever likely to.

Update: Andrews responds to McArdle, in a lily-livered way: he does it to PBS, rather than to McArdle directly, and he genuinely asks us to believe that his wife’s two consecutive bankruptcies are entirely irrelevant to the story of his own foreclosure. McArdle is actually quite gentle in her response; she could have been much harsher. As one of her commenters says, “if the two bankruptcies were as innocuous and unrelated as Mr Andrews described, why would he be afraid to include this information in the narrative?”


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