Twitter poll: The results

By Felix Salmon
May 25, 2009

On Friday I asked, both here and on Twitter, whether I should auto-publish my blog entries to my Twitter feed. The results, where “no” includes people who say “start a new Twitter account for that”:

Should I auto-tweet? Commenters Tweeters Total








(Midas Oracle got counted twice, once as a yes and once as a no; dctag, on the other hand, seemed so diffident I didn’t count him at all.)

Maybe the thing to do is to start off manually, picking and choosing the blog entries to link to and maybe linking to more than one at a time. But to do that easily I’d want a Firefox plugin where I can right-click on a hyperlink, select “shorten”, and have a address or somesuch automatically copied into my clipboard. Otherwise tweeting more than one URL at a time is a bit of a pain.


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Felix, maybe you should interpret the results as a sign that twitter is a waste of time. it’s going to be a moot point, once their funding runs out and google make it clear that one loss leader in youtube is enough for all companies.

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It was never totally clear what the alternative was. If you tweeted your blog posts manually, would you write original twitter ledes? That would be preferable but would probably mean more work for you…

Felix, I think you want the TwitterBar plug in for FFox. Would love to see your tweets more often. Enjoying your blog!

The best thing to do, which one or more others pointed out, is have a separate twitter account where the posts are published. This gives people the option of receiving the updates *if they want*, and doesn’t pollute the rest of our twitter feeds.

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The FireStatus extension might be just the thing. Plugs in to Firefox; when you want to post, you click the little fire symbol, a tiny bar pops up at the bottom, you type in your twitter, click Include URL and Shorten, and there you go. Instant, easy twitter + link posting from within Firefox. And free.

I previously voted for you integrating these blog posts into your existing Twitter feed.

If there is so much hostility to that, isn’t the simple solution simply to set up a separate Twitter feed for this blog?

Personally, I would have integrated the two feeds (the blog’s post and your normal twittering) into one feed without consulting anyone, but now that you have let that genie out of the bottle and people seem afraid at having to see your blog posts Twittered, why not just create a separate Twitter feed for them, make everyone more or less happy, and move on?

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