The economics of pumpkin bombs

May 27, 2009

How fabulous is Ecocomics, a new blog about the economics of comic books? Well, here’s a taster:

In the world of comic books any individual who has more than 5 million dollars in saving or assets immediately becomes bat-shit insane. It’s a strange rule, but it seems that every independently wealthy individual in superhero comics decides that fighting/committing crime is the best way to spend their free time. They ignore possible hobbies like golfing, yachting, and collecting antique cars and go straight into wearing a mask and creating a global organization designed to save/destroy/conquer the world. The examples in comic book fiction are nearly limitless.

Of course, the author ignores the problem of sampling error: millionaires in comic books cannot be considered a representative sample of millionaires in the alternative worlds they inhabit. But still, he has a point.


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