Wednesday links get tweeted

May 27, 2009

Since moving onto Twitter, I’ve pretty much stopped the daily linkfest, moving the quick hits onto there. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t continue to exist in blog format too. So here are some of my most recent tweets. Is there an easy way to automate this kind of thing?

# Pequot Capital closing. End of an era, but there won’t be too many tears.    

# My new strapline, explained by Andrew Leonard

# Sotomayor’s a foodie! My mouth is watering, I could do with some lengua y orejas de cuchifrito right now

# The Manichean history of teabags and douches

# Moody’s said that the USA’s Aaa rating is stable “even with a significant deterioration in the US govt’s debt position.”

# I wouldn’t pay $2 at the newsstand for a print version of the daily NYT. Who would?

# Martin Feldstein knows from recessions. And he reckons this one won’t be over until 2010

# Mark Thoma has your daily Sachs vs Easterly-and-Moyo links. All very predictable and boring.

# Warren Buffett’s long-time excuse for not paying a dividend doesn’t work any more. But he’s still not paying a dividend.

# The comptroller of the currency is “totally unsuccessful”. Time for the entire OCC to go.

# Obama’s White House is just as addicted to needless secrecy as any other administration

# Silicon Valley discovers the recession

# It has been Far Too Quiet of late… “maybe we are on the verge of a financial Krakatoa

# Interesting S&P500/gas price chart — but what’s the significance of the 403 level?

# I like this, on student debts; I wonder how is it related to this

# David Brooks Fail: Brad DeLong brings Godwin’s Law down on the hapless columnist

# Top 10 Electronic Police States


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