Quote of the day, Hummer edition

By Felix Salmon
June 2, 2009

“They’ve got the capital to invest in more efficient vehicles, which is what’s necessary to grow the brand.”

-Nick Richards, a spokesman for Hummer, on the upcoming sale of the marque to the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company. He can’t be talking about the Hummer bicycle, ‘cos that’s another company, which has already rebranded itself as SwissBike.


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The sale of Hummer makes us wonder what kind of mentality the acquiring company has simply because they are wasting money – probably more taxpayer money at that. Nobody buys Hummers. Sounds a little bit like selling an AMC Gremlin.

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I have some Hummer shoes — kind of boxy and clunky but comfortable. I hope the rebranding won’t affect the image my shoes convey!

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Bring on the hybrid Hummers… Half gas, half Flintstonemobile

WOA nelly!!

That’s best new so far. Somebody tell Chrysler, who have been trying to shop the viper brand, factory, tooling, engineering and all, for $10 million with no takers. Did’nt we sell a lick of trophy stuff, empire state building anyone, to the Japanese in the eighties that they eventually took a real haircut on. If we rolled up our sleeves did a full on U.S.A. garage sale, put those unemployed wall street hucksters on the lawn with some CDS fairy dust, we could clear out the proverbial garage, and pay off the chinese…awhh! shucks, who’s fooling who, or we could just spend in it on more stuff.

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